22 ideas that make your New Year's party something really special

New Year's party - then you want to take in a little extra. Extra good food, extra glittery decorations and beautiful table settings. Here are the details that will make your way wishing your friends Happy New year 2021 a success!

1) Do not underestimate the fun of activities at a party. New Year is no exception. On the contrary, it is a few hours until noon. Arrange a room or a place in the room with mini ping pong, couronne, dance stop and so on.
2) New Year's tablecloth with glass plates (bargains at flea markets) and beautiful printed dials underneath.
3) No New Year's party without a dance floor and a wonderful party music list. Make sure there is both space and good dance lighting, preferably a disco ball.
4) The New Year's table setting should sparkle, be sumptuous and generous! Feel free to move away from the Christmas colors that you are usually a little tired of at this point. Gold, silver, midnight blue and purple are beautiful table settings for New Year.
5) Instead of having ready-made snacks for twelve, prepare a caviar buffet (works just as well with roe, whitefish or catfish rum). Toast, lemon wedges, creme fraich, red onion and flake salt are given accessories.
Source: https://helonational.com/hny-2021/
6) Print nice menu cards for each envelope.
7) Bake fortune cookies for each guest before noon.
8) Instead of full bottles for twelve, serve guests mini bottles.
9) Tablecloth with party hats with each envelope.
10) Prepare a photobooth with various accessories so that guests can take fun pictures during the evening.
11) Use firecrackers, sound flaps, sparklers and more as table decoration that is there to be used during dinner.
12) Look at flea markets for glass prisms to pimp with a little everywhere.
13) Make sure there is no misunderstanding about the type of party you have invited to.
14) If there is ever a time when you should take the opportunity to impress with beautifully folded napkins, it is for New Year.
15) Set the table with crackers that you fill with a nice piece of chocolate or some other surprise.
16) Use sparklers as often as possible!
17) Make a songbook with New Year's songs, an easy way to get the party started.
18) Do a New Year's quiz about what happened during the year. Distribute prizes in the form of chocolate money.
19) Help the children who are at the party to be strong until twelve o'clock by handing out small goodie bags every hour (preferably from 20:00). Fill them with candy, some fun toy, glow sticks, popcorn, a movie, etc.
20) Involve the guests in tonight's playlist so everyone gets their favorite. Write it already in the invitation and let the guests ooze with their favorite dance hits so the playlist is ready for the evening.
21) Do not forget the entrance. Welcome your guests with a proper marshal party or a mammoth fire basket.
22) Let everyone contribute with fireworks so you can welcome the new year with proper pomp and circumstance.
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